Dev Site February 9, 2013 11:25

Congrats! You've reached the dev site!

This is the development version of Slavehack. dev.slavehack.com is changing rapidly. Some things may break. Data may go missing. Use it at your own risk.

So what's all this about?

It's the new Slavehack Forums! We're on track to replace the old forums really soon.

This will also serve as the base for SHO.

Will the new forums replace the Group Serv forums?

Unfortunately, we won't be replacing private GS forums for a while.

Want to help things along?

You can donate to staff with Gittip, and Bitcoin. See the tip buttons on the staff page.

In particular, @NeoJew and @rummik could use the tips:

  • NeoJew has been covering the server fees for Slavehack for quite a while.
    • If he receives $7/week in tips, that would cover the Slavehack hosting fees.
    • Donate on Gittip, and Bitcoin.
  • rummik has been putting a lot of time in on the new Slavehack forums.
    • Currently spends most of her free time working on Slavehack.
    • More money = more free time = more Slavehack.
    • Donate on Gittip, and Bitcoin.

If you use Bitcoin to donate to a staff member, please send an email to support@slavehack.com with your username and Bitcoin address, and we'll credit you for that donation. We hope to have this automated soon.

Gittip is anonymous, so we unfortunately cannot give benefits to users who donate this way.

New things
  • Totally new database
  • Better forum category listing
  • Markdown in posts
  • Signatures allow Markdown
  • Avatars use Gravatar
  • You can ignore annoying users across browsers